September 21, 2019

You may be wondering what the heck MinusCal is. Who’s is it? What is it? Is it a new app or a food product? 

Great questions. Let me answer them.

I had the same questions before I joined the MinusCal team. As someone who works in the fitness industry and constantly studies nutrition to lead clients in the best way possible, I wanted to promote a product that I understand and believe in.

That’s why I joined the team. 

MinusCal is simple: We are a driven group of people who want to change the trending landscape of America and the world—a world where heart health is under attack by nutritional deception, and where money has driven decisions instead of quality. 

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Our Special Ingredient

MinusCal has found a way to isolate a molecule inorganic tea thatnaturally lowers cholesterol and blocks the absorption of some bad fats (LDL’s - Low Density Lipoproteins). We call our patented blend “Choleve.” Choleve is, well—it’s just tea!

Check out scientific studieson our tea ingredient here.

Solid, absolutely solid. 

Many people struggle with cholesterol and the effects of bad fats and don’t even know it! 

How do I know this? Easy: the increasing issues with cardiac health, even in  “skinny” people who exercise and watch what they eat. 

What’s more, the nutrition and fitness world has becomebig business. It’s saturated with companies that only see you as a number. 

A corporation needs you to consume, but they don’t necessarily care about you. 

That’s a problem, a big problem. 

If a company is focused on money instead of you, then you get the affects of all their decisions along the way: good or bad. 

We at MinusCal are most concerned with the benefits we can bring to your life.

Don’t believe us? Let us show you. We want to constantly work with you as you grow on you journey toward health and wellness. We hope you search us out, but we will do our best to be a part of your life! We want to teach you about the latest trends in nutrition, fitness, recovery and wellness, and more. 

“We want you to be well,” as one of my favorite shoe shops in Nashville, Tennessee, says: “Ti volglio bene” (Italian for “I want you to be well”).

Our Products

I believe we have one of the most unique products on the market today. The cool part about it is simplicity—it’s not rocket science, lab produced, or hype. 

It’s real, simple tea.

Let me remind you that tea is the second most consumed beverage around the world! 

This is for good reason, too. Water is first in the line up, of course, and tea is second, probably because it naturally adds to the benefits of water. However, it takes a lot of tea-drinking to give you the benefits that Choleve does. 

That’s why we’ve extracted the benefits of tea and put it in our  nutrition bars and  supplements.

Trust me, if you choose to try us, you won’t be disappointed. We literally guarantee it! 

One person at a time, we’re going to change the world, and we’ve got the product to help us do it. 

Join us on this really fun journey, and feel free to  read more “about” MinusCal here.

All the best always—and remember, you’re never alone.