October 15, 2019

Do you “let yourself go” when you travel . . . and eat whatever you want?

Traveling can be one of the greatest blessings. To experience different parts of the world: the culture, the food, the history—it can all be wonderful.

However, travel for most of us usually means work, not vacation. Sometimes there is a chance to experience something new on a work trip, but that doesn’t happen often. Time is money, and schedules are often tight.

Either way—vacation or work—when we travel we are disrupting our normal routines. One of the best things about a routine at home is that it helps us stick to our commitments of health and wellness, like eating properly, exercising, spending time with family, resting adequately, etc.

Today I’m writing to you first and foremost about food: your eating habits when you travel.

The reason I want to focus here is because I believe eating habits are the most important piece for your health and wellness when you travel. You can be disciplined and control a lot of your intake on the road.

You can keep good habits!

Quality exercise and quality sleep are sometimes just too far outside your control. They’re massively important and I must mention them, but they’re for a different blog at a different time.

Eating and drinking habits, however, are something you can immediately affect by simply making good decisions.

Over the past eight years I’ve averaged about three months of travel a year for work. Nearly 75 percent of that time has been in Europe, and I am not usually in the same city for more than one week at a time. I know the “planes, trains, and automobiles” craziness.

I know my way around a travel day, so allow me to give you the most valuable steps of action I’ve learned in my travels:

1) Prepare

Think of this tip like meal prep without the cooking:

Bring some healthy snacks in your luggage to start. You definitely don’t want to weigh yourself down if you’re traveling light, but pack enough nutrition bars as you like, or roasted almonds (or nut of your choice), to get you through the first day. I like almonds because of the flavor (when roasted) and their Vitamin E value in the almond skin.

2) Choose wisely . . . before you go!!

Be prepared to make healthy decisions before you go, not once you arrive:

  • Decide to make the extra effort when you first arrive to walk away from the hotel lobby or airbnb kitchen—and any breakfast cakes, candies, or ramen noodles they might offer—to a neighboring convenience store. Grab some basics there like a bottled water, more nuts, and even a quality chocolate bar to savor for the time you spend there.
  • One better, do a little research, asking the hotel or locals where a health food mart may be. Or ask your phone! You’d be surprised at the amount of “bio” (organic) stores overseas . . . and the same is definitely true stateside. Find that store, and you can easily find enough variety for the duration of your trip.


Take care of yourself—and your heart—on the road by taking our cholesterol-reducing, fat-blocking supplement tablets with you as you travel.


3) H2O

Always drink water. If you’re in another country, I’d stick with the bottled stuff:

  • Drink lots of water. This will help in every aspect of your life whether you’re traveling or not. Most importantly though, it will help your immune system operate at the optimum level even with the added stress of travel. Being sick is the worst, but being sick while you travel is the worst of the worst.
  • Drink bottled water if you’re in a place that has suspect tap water . . . and even in places where you think it’s ok! Bottled water on the go helps you take water with you. Just by seeing it, you’ll become more aware of it—and drink more of it.

4) Be patient . . . and don’t be afraid to speak up!

I promise you will be surprised by how many people are paying attention to what they eat. When you speak up, they will too! Here are a few tips on this point:

  • At work events, ask for specific meals. Don’t be shy! Then, enjoy having conversations with others on what you’ve learned about your body and your focus.
  • If you’re going out, don’t be afraid to ask the server for information. They’re usually happy to help; and your taste buds and waistline will be glad you took the time to understand the menu a bit.
  • Be patient throughout each day. Don’t settle for bad foods because you think you’re too hungry to wait. Take the time to learn your environment and your body. Snacks will help you so much in your patience.

5) Spend time with the locals.

You’ll save money, taste better foods (because local foods are always healthier), experience more of the city, and it will help your productivity. You are doing work where you are for a reason! So, be present.

* * *

There are loads of offshoot conversations to have around food. I’ve given you a solid trunk of knowledge to use though.

These are little things. But little things add up!

I’ve never heard anyone talk about how they maintained body weight when they traveled. You always hear about how they gainedweight, and the rare occasion of weight loss which is usually do to illness or location or the nature of the trip. When you travel, paying attention to your intake is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Your choices affect you! We advise making the best ones you can possibly make :)

You can do it, and as always, you are not alone!

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