August 29, 2019

You care about heart health because you care about yourself.

Did you know you can help take care of your heart with tea? In fact, there are many connections between heart health and tea.

As you might guess, “tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water, and can be found in almost 80% of all U.S. households,” according to the Tea Association of the U.S.A. Inc.[1]

They note that “it is the only beverage commonly served hot or iced, anytime, anywhere, for any occasion. On any given day, over 159 million Americans are drinking tea.”

I bet you’ve heard stats on tea before or you’ve heard “tea is healthy” in some form or fashion. But this research on tea is really fascinating. The results are enormous.

We know that drinking Green Tea can significantly reduce one’s risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.[2]

So what?

The heart can benefit greatly from tea, but how much green tea do you drink?

Well, we want to give you some practical ways to make green tea a bigger part of your life, so the rest of this article will help you do that.

Let’s dive into the importance of the heart before we go on with practical advice around tea and the heart.

How Your Heart Affects Your Life 

The heart is the hardest working muscle in the body. On a daily basis, the human heart pumps at least 2,500 gallons of blood. It is always working, and no other part of the body can function without the heart!

The heart is like the engine of a car. As a car goes down the road, anything can happen from the outside. On the inside, it matters how you fueled your car, put oil in it, gave it check ups … how you were able to take a step back from the actual driving of the car and take care of it. 

Your heart can just be “used.” It’s easy to pay the heart zero attention until it becomes a problem. Think about a finger … you never think about how a finger is feeling until something goes wrong like it getting jammed in a door!

The issue here is the slide: We never suddenly arrive at an unhealthy heart. We slide in that direction for a long time! Little choices matter.

So the heart is the engine of your body.  Tea aids in the hearts’ proper functioning. Let’s look at how it does that so you can help your heart help you!

Drink Tea Can Aid the Heart 

Here are some practical suggestions about how to make tea a bigger part of your life:

1. Slow down, drink more tea.

To start, it’s interesting that tea takes time … to get the leaves to the point of being “brew ready” to actually brewing it to sipping it—it’s all a slow process. While tea, especially green tea, can positively affect heart health, some effects of tea are not as tangible as others. You have to slow down to really enjoy tea. 

Taking the time to slow down matters. You see, making tea provides an organic way for you to “enjoy the process,” which is also good for your spirit.

2. Enjoy different kinds of tea. 

Have fun trying all kinds of tea. I have traveled  to many countries because of sports, and one of my favorite things to do when I travel is to find good loose-leaf tea on the streets.

While you may not travel like me, exploring different teas and the brewing processes is easy and fun. You’ll find that some wake you, some that make you relaxed, and some that just taste great. Again, it adds time to the process, but that’s a good thing!

As you grow in your knowledge, you can play with mixtures of teas. We bet you’ll enjoy finding different mixtures you enjoy drinking and are specific to the benefits you want.

3. Enjoy it with others.

As with most food and drink, travel and exercise, or any life lived well—it’s best when it’s done with others! Find ways to integrate tea into your life and life into your tea. Hold a warm cup with two hands, have a good conversation, even let yourself tear up a little bit, and share some laughter.

Change takes time. New habits take special care. Invest in yourself and others by making a point to do the different and difficult work of creating a new habit around tea for your heart. Your heart will thank you, and so will your friends and family.

On a similar note . . . 

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All the best always,

Jeremiah J. Carter